Wish List for Christmas



1. Daisy Eau de Toilette by Marc Jacobs

2.White UrbanEars Headphones for her iPod

3. Floral Notebooks from Rifle Paper Co.

4. Pink Belted Cardigan by Gap

5. Good Morning Beautiful Pillow from Zana Products

6. Mossimo Supply Co’s Mustache Bag from Target

7. All Hail the Queen Nail polish by Butter London

8. Bear Tape Dispenser from Cute Tape

9.  Sweatshirt in Wine or Beige from H&M

10. Love Necklace from Etsy

11. Rhinestone & Fuzzy Hat from American Eagle

12. Black Pleather Bum Bag from Pieces

13. Tower Block Paper from Hay

14. Pink Wire Basket by Ferm Living

15. Sparkling Sequins Lip Gloss from Bath & Body Works

16. Grey Knitted Snood by Zara

17. Black Ankle Boot from Old Navy

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