Breakfast Love


Breakfast is one of those things that is either feast, or famine for me. On Sunday’s a do a slow stirred- soft scrambled egg, with whatever is in season, ramps if it’s spring or in Fall, I’ll serve the eggs with smoked bacon. Weekdays are in general more frantic. I’m lucky if I get a cup of coffee, bread and ham or cheeses such as Roquefort etc.

I love going out for breakfast, and unfortunately, I rarely get to do it! When it comes to ordering, I’m a savory girl. So it’s usually runny eggs, bacon, bread.

On the weekend there is time for rituals, usually Sunday, where there isn’t the need to dash about and we can relax. I make a cup of British Tea and catch up on my blog. There is something about tea and Sundays that just screams for marmalade. I love orange, tangerine or even a classic lime marmalade. On a homemade biscuit, or thick bread.

I have this thing about Alaska right now, I’d love to go! I see myself landing by sea plane onto pristine waters, setting up in a cozy log cabin and fishing for salmon that we would catch fresh, and then have for breakfast, grilled over the fire with wild greens or mushrooms that we just foraged nearby. Or Denmark. I just think some of the most exciting food right now, is coming out of Scandinavia.

Ohne Titel

Hot Cereal Recipe

Hot Cereal Breakfast !

Good morning ladies and gentlemen!

Here’s another quick breakfast recipe for you!

My last simple recipe was egg and avocado toast, and this week I have hot cereal with dried fruit and nuts. Which do you prefer?

You will need:

4 servings of quick cook oats
couple dashes of cinnamon
handful of dried fruit
handful of nuts
drizzle of honey
splash of vanilla almond milk

Cook oats according to package directions (can also be made with steel cut oats, quinoa, or brown rice).

Spoon hot cereal into bowls and top with a couple dashes of cinnamon, a handful of dried fruit and nuts of your choice, a drizzle of honey, and a splash of milk.


Have a n(r)ice day!

Ohne Titel