Every Woman can wear Red Lipstick and should!

Red Lips?

I was putting my make-up on a few years ago and decided my outfit definitely needed a little red lipstick, but as I searched through my stash I realized that I didn’t own a single true red lipstick. This utterly perplexed me. How could I not own a red lipstick? I mean isn’t a red lipstick the very right and privilege of being a woman?

I felt determination setting into my bones. As if the world had been turned upside down and it was now my mission to turn it right side up. Woman, red lipstick is like a potent formula to feeling confident and fantastic and don’t think for a minute that any of us should wear it for the guys, even if they will appreciate it, because red lipstick is really about making us feel like a women. One day in mine and I felt like I could literally leap tall buildings. Red lipstick super powers!

I hope you give red lipstick a try. The key to finding the right red for you no matter what the tone of your skin or color of your hair, is trying a few. If the color seems too stark at first, try blotting once and toning it down just a bit for daytime use. Whichever red you choose, pair it with a natural eye to keep your look fresh and sexy without being too stark.

Now I would love to hear from some of you. Do you have a favorite red lipstick that you would recommend as well? How does it make you feel when you wear it?

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